Terms of service

A. Terms of service

1. The copyright of “Keeate” software is considered as the copyright of Mobic Co., Ltd only. We reserve all rights to send on a source code to any client.
2. Client has to admit to let our company refer or mention about any mobile applications which are created by “Keeate” platform in any advertising or informing acts without demanding any rights or benefits.
3. In the process of creating a mobile application on an operating system in both iOS and Android, we have to follow the term of service of Apple and Google in both present and future terms which might be changed. Client must be informed of those term of services. In case of an application of client has any wrong conditions in the terms of service of any operating system which might leads to a suppression or permanently close of that application, Our company will inform you about this problem and client must accept a decision which is judged by Apple and Google and will not request for any recompense from “Keeate” service.
4. Our company is a facilitator of a tool for create a mobile application. The content which is showed in an application can be managed by the client from a supporting system. The content that showed on App store and Google play which is referred by the data of client that sent to our company must not infringe the copyright of the other person or organization. In case of any illegal infringement occurred, client must responsible in every allegation and the company will not responsible in any illegal allegation.
5. In case of showing any content in application has wrongly against the conditions of App Store and Google Play for example. Using of trademark of any firm as part of the content in application. Our company will inform the client to edit the content again before upload to the Store, The operation time depends on the times and period of editing.
6. The company offers the client to freely create an application from our system for 14 days then it’s up to the client to ask and understand a capability of system before decide to accept our service.In case of realizing that our system cannot provide you of your purpose after accept our service, our company reserves the rights to refund in any case.
7. In case of applying to App Store and Google Play, if the application is applied for a membership system which leads to “Log In” page. Our company will create 1 member account for Apple and Google to use as a content verifying account if there is anything wrongly against their terms of service.
8. The company will operate application update to client in case that finds errors in application to make it work normally.
9. The company will in charge for maintaining server to sustain working and fix the problems. We promise you if there are problems that need to be fix, we will operate fixing process as soon as possible. In case that there is a problem which make loss in database and we cannot retrieve the latest data, the company will restore the data back to the latest date which has been back-up and the client cannot request or demand for any recompense from this accidental event.
10. Our company will not use or publish any of the client’s data without getting a permission first and we reserve all rights to request taking out the data in the system.
11. The company will begin a process of applying an application to App Store and Google Play after the clients have already paid for the price of our service and we already check for the payment, also we will start counting for the day of service in the next day of your payment.
12. In the process of applying an application to App Store and Google Play our company require some data to applying an application for example. Logo of application, Name of application etc. the client has to send those data by the conditions of our company.
13. An application of client will be in the latest version in the time that the client accept to use our service. In case of the company have updated a new version and the client want to use the application in that version, there will be some of service payment for operating which is showed in the website www.keeate.com.
14. In case of the client want to edit the content of an application which is showed in App Store and Google Play which are logo, name, detail, screenshot and there will be some of service payment for operating which is showed in the website www.keeate.com.
15. In case of applying an application, the company will review an application of the client before applying to App Store and Google Play to make sure that the application can be used in the Store by this way the client must agree and operate by all of the suggestion of the company.
16. Client must not rent an application which is created by “Keeate” platform to the others. In case that the client contravene with our conditions, the company will stop providing our service.
17. We reserve the rights to not service in all illegal business.
18. The company reserve the rights to not refund in any case except for the conditions which is clearly show in a refund condition in this terms of service.
19. The company reserve the rights to change the price and the conditions of service without inform in advance by the way the client can check for changed detail in our website at all time.